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    Who is a South Lake student?

    • Students who prefer a small, more personalized high school environment
    • Students who are a semester or more behind in credits leading to graduation
    • Students who are seeking a mentorship that emphasizes a growth mindset
    • Students who are committed to preparing themselves to access post-secondary possibilities, regardless of academic history

    Academics Overview

    The We APP course teaches youth how to view their voice as an instrument; An instrument that's designed to deliver stories or conversations, not presentations. The voice, along with the body and mind are retrained to communicate conviction, passion, transparency, and more importantly, a gift.

    Authentic Voice Method

    Everyone has a unique message. That message is a gift designed to inspire others.  Speaking in public isn’t about the presentation, but the ability to inspire your audience using your choice of words and unique style.  Once we learn to be transparent with our words and remove fear of self-judgment and criticism, we give ourselves permission to speak with confidence and intention that inspires others to listen and move to action!

     Tools for Success

    • VOICE: Instrument used to align intent, personality, + content
    • MOVEMENT: Natural extension of breath and emotions that allow the audience to visualize the verbal message
    • AUTHENTIC SELF: Exploration in a safe, encouraging atmosphere that challenges everyone to use personal experiences and skills to command the audience and connect with the world


    , Confidence and Motivation are necessary for the actor to present with understanding, a given character and these qualities are also needed for real-life activities.  The Acting Lab gives urban students the opportunity to practice discipline, confidence and motivation skills through actor’s warm-ups with voice enunciation exercises, improvisation, scene work, observation practice, creative writing, recitation, preparation and presentation. Students will write a short piece, answering two questions: “Who are you and what do you want?” These questions allow the actor to begin the work of developing a character and the questions are also important for all life pursuits. The acting Lab gives students the opportunity to creatively experiment with the acting process and use the same tools in all areas of life.



    This Digital Music course will provide a platform for students to begin exploring the different dimensions of today’s music industry. The main goal of the course is to establish an understanding of computer music production through software (Ableton). Computer music production consists of combining virtual/acoustic instruments to create full length songs. The course will also cover recording of a variety of instruments and genres. Students will explore their own musical interests, learn how music ties to their lives, and ask critical questions about how music shapes our society and communities. Guests from the Seattle area will enrich the curriculum by visiting and discussing the current music industry and their specialized fields with students. No prior musical experience is needed for this course, the only requirement is a desire for creation and exploration!


    The American History Declassified course was designed to orient scholars in the development of inherit qualities which will facilitate their success in life, things in which status, power and wealth have little or nothing to do with.

    Self-concept and image preservation are key attributes being developed and maintained irrespective of these. However, the self-concept and image must be firmly grounded and established in the knowledge of our history (holistically and inclusive) of all contributions and cultures which provide a base of individuality for this country. This base may include what we have simply characterized as true “C.U.L.T.U.R.E.” - Collaborating to understand, love, trust, unite, respect, and empower students.



    All students deserve to experience college.  To get all of our students’ college ready, AVID is the vehicle for training our students on effective note taking, developing and asking high level questions, and acquiring solid organization skills.

    Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) focuses on providing students with the skills needed to be successful in their post high school endeavors.

    All students should graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary opportunities with the skills necessary to achieve their biggest goals.  Resources will include: Learning the Cornell Note Taking System; Exploring dimensions of Academic Conversation; Setting Educational Goals; Utilizing Tutorial Techniques; Subject Prioritizing and Organization; and Strengthening Classroom Engagement.



     College Access/Career Essentials Course

    Each student enrolled in South Lake will be provided with a specific and guided course in College Access & Career Essentials. This course works to support each scholar in developing achievable academic goals, identifying careers that reflects their passions, and charting a course for success after high school. A specific focus will be on building 21st century skills such as: Learning and Innovation; Critical Thinking; Media and Technology Literacy; and Collaboration.  While most college programs only address college readiness, our program draws clear and recognizable distinctions between college prep, college readiness, and college access. Our goal is to provide each student with the highest quality of tools, information, and resources to make the best decision to facilitate their life goals. 

    Collaborating as a community-based organization, the Northwest Heritage             Foundation has partnered to implement a progressive mentoring model that supports South Lake High school students during the school day and afterschool.

    The C.H.E.S.S. program aims to provide supplemental academic assistance. C.H.E.S.S., is an acronym for “Changing History thru Education to Shape our Success. The program mission is- to empower and inspire young people with the tools necessary to develop a strategy for success, recognize their personal power, and win at the game of life.

    Support will include, but not be limited to:

    Transcript evaluations

    College Planning support

    Graduation prep

    Scholarship research 

    Career development

    Graduation Reality and Dual-Role Skills (GRADS)

    GRADS is an in-school secondary program for pregnant and teen parents (both male and female). Classes focus on knowledge and skills related to positive self-image, as well as preparation for parenting and financial independence.  Young parents set life and career goals and prepare for balancing work and family responsibility.  The South Lake Parent Education Lab is on-site and enrolls infants and toddlers while their parent(s) attend classes at South Lake.  Our GRADS program offers an opportunity to take classes with other teen parents and learn how to make the first step to a career and successful family life. GRADS is a dual-credit program. Students enrolled earn college credits in early childhood and human development, along with their high school graduation credits.


    Every student achieving, everyone accountable.




    Contact Us

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    Principal: Laura Davis Brown

    School Admin: Kelly Dugar

    Bell Schedule

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    8:45 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.

    Early Release Wednesday:
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