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    Our Mission:
    A learning community that nurtures potential into limitless possibilities.

    Our Vision:
    A family that believes, inspires, and empowers voice and choice.
    October 23, 2020

    Vision & Mission Statement
    Vision: A Family that believes, inspires and empowers voice and choice.
    Mission: A learning community that nurtures potential into limitless possibilities.

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    • End of Q1 Nov.5


    Principal Laura Davis Brown

    Sugiyama HS Newsletter

    Volume 1, Issue 6

    Every Student - Every Classroom - Every Day

    Message from Ms. Dunn


    As the end of 1st quarter approaches, this week in History we will begin to demonstrate our learning so far from Stamped Chapters 1 through 4 by creating a timeline of events that occurred during the time period of 1415 to 1728. These events, including the Virginia slave codes of 1705, laid the foundation for anti-black and anti-native racism to be woven into the very fabric of American political institutions. We will also focus on the upcoming elections in the United States and engage in a conversation about voting rights, voter suppression and whether voting should be mandatory for all. The last day to register to vote in Washington state is October 26th. Here is a link to register if you have not registered yet. Shout out to Abdi Adan for jumping right in and engaging in our historical exploration!

    Jennifer Dunn
    Ethnic Studies Educator
    Alan T. Sugiyama High School @South Lake

    Today my heart is broken

    Message from Mr. Jaffe

    In Algebra 1 and 2 this week, students are showing what they know about functions so far as we plan to transition to the next unit on linear functions. Students are beginning to draft their ideas of what the SPD budget should look like for the next 10 years!
    In ELL this week, students will be choosing texts to read based on topics they enjoy. I’m excited to hear their reports about their readings!
    It is always an honor and pleasure to work with these amazing scholars! Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

    Jacob Jaffe (He/Him/They/Them)
    Math/ELL Teacher
    Alan T. Sugiyama High School at South Lake
    E: | P: 818-422-1113

    Shark Lake Family,

    This week,  we’re continuing work on a unit module called Bridge to College English Language Arts- The Power of Service. We’ve looked at different Organizations, and what they’ve done to help their communities. Encourage your students to look around their community, and see how they can help.This week students will begin to explore, plan, and design a community service program, and then present to the class.

    We will also be doing a module called “Teen Sleepers” that explores teen sleep patterns and sleep cycles in general.

    Students will take a position on school start times, then defend their position through a written assignment and a classroom presentation. We’ve had great discussions abut teen sleep cycles, and how teen sleep is affected by light, melatonin, and school start times!

    I’d like to give a shout-out to these students for their perfect attendance and great class contributions:

    • Aidan, AbdirahmanNo Comfort
    • Viveros, Teo
    • Phengphachanh, Alex
    • TJ Washington
    • Flores-Barillas, Infinity
    • Loveheart, Francisco
    • Palanciuc, Andreia
    • Hernandez-Loera, Jennifer
    • Davis, Mia

    Good job you guys!

    Here’s what you can do to help your students:

    • Have them check Outlook for email messages, and look in Calendar for links to class meetings.
    • Remind them that email through Outlook is the best way to get in touch with teachers.
    • Remind them that there are 2 weeks left in the 1stQuarter. Please check Schoology for past assignments.
    • If your student is going to miss school for a whole day, have them email their teachers.

    Mr. Fahselt
    South Lake High School
    History and ELA
    (206) 252-6624

    Community Passageways Message

    SE Network SafetyNet Program is offering a Career Launch program for High School students at the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Clubs. Youth will develop job readiness skills, learn how to manage money, explore different career paths, and more! Youth will receive $500 stipend and a $100 Ross gift card (to buy interview outfit) for full participation. Spots are limited so sign-up soon! Participants must be able to attend all the sessions.
    Program will start Tuesday; November 3 and a graduation celebration will be held on December 3.

    photo of two shadows

    Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday in person at Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club 4:30-6:30pm and virtual on Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm there is also two Sat. session Oct. 7th & 14th @ 10am to 12pm

    If you are interested, please contact Mrs. K by Oct 30th
    Phone: 206-502-9760

    Ms. Tan's Message

    we can do it

    In Biology, we’ve started looking at stem cells and the potential it has in the medicine field. In order to better distinguish how stem cells are already being used to treat diseases, what is currently being studied, and the future potential it holds, the students will embark on a project where they have to answer some research questions regarding the use of stem cells.

    In Geometry, we have wrapped up the unit on Geometry Foundations with the last topic of angles in triangles. We applied what we’ve learnt to calculate the different angles in trusses that are used to build bridges and roofs. Your child should have received the geometry set and packet by mail and we would be using them for the next topic of Constructions.

    This week, I would like to give a shout out to Jennie who took the initiative to reach out to her respective teachers as she was determined to get caught up and excel in her courses. She willed herself to engage in a productive struggle and demonstrated huge growth. Good job Jennie!

    Flu Shot Clinic graphic

    Roll down your window, roll up your sleeve!

    Drive-thru flu vaccination clinic

    No car? No problem! Walk-ups with appointments welcome

    Everyone is welcome

    Students, employees, families and neighbors (over the age of 4 years)

    NO COST to patients with or without insurance

    Please provide insurance info if available

    Registration required

    Message From Mr. Chernicoff


    We are continuing our investigation of global climate change this week. We are learning about the main sources of CO2 pollution and all signs are pointing towards burning too many fossil fuels. I have seen great participation from all students but I want to give a shout out to Pitisi Mateaki for her excellent communication and hard work staying on top of her assignments.


    Personal Growth:

    This week we are investigating the impacts of positive and negative self-talk. Scholars took a quiz to help assess if they are a positive or negative self-talker. One big idea that we learned was to avoid resisting negative self-talk because what you resist will persist. We are talking about accepting negative self-talk and trying to counteract these thoughts with positive ones. Cupreme Betton has shown her incredible design talents with her beautifully customized PowerPoint presentations.