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    Alternative Program (ALTE)

    • Students who prefer a small, more personalized high school environment.
    • Students who have dropped out of traditional high school or are a semester or more behind in credits leading to graduation.
    • Students who have attempted a traditional high school course of study and have been unsuccessful.

    Re-Entry Program (REEN)

    According to Seattle School Board policy, "suspended or expelled students must demonstrate improvement in attitude, attendance and academic achievement which led them to be suspended or expelled from their traditional school." Students spend their school day in language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, basic skills, and behavior modification classes. A graduation is held for students who have successfully completed the program. These students have the option of returning to a traditional high school or remaining at South Lake as an Alternative (ALTE) student.

    Graduation Reality and Dual-Role Skills (GRADS)

    GRADS is the in-school secondary program for pregnant and parenting students (both male and female). Classes focus on knowledge and skills related to positive self-image, as well as preparation for pregnancy, parenting and economic independence. Young parents set life and career goals and prepare for balancing work and family responsibility. An on-site South Lake Parent and Child Education center, which enrolls infants and toddlers, offers an opportunity to observe and practice human development skills while earning certifications and college credits.